Specification - MP21 & MP21R Combo Guitar Amps


  • Professional combo guitar amplifier
  • Performance and studio applications
  • All valve signal path, with solid-state rectification
  • Simple user controls, but with incredible tonal range
  • Optional rugged wheeled flight case
  • BalanceAmp™ weight distribution design to ease handling and minimise risk of toppling
  • CoolAmp™ thermal design for optimum heat dissipation
  • EMC tested and compliant
  • CE marked and fully compliant with current safety regulations


  • Solid hardwood or vinyl covered birch ply construction
  • Open-back porting system
  • 1 x 12" Celestion Vintage 30 Loudspeaker
  • DiffusionGrille® sound dispersion system
  • Laboratory instrumentation standard professional carry handles


  • Two selectable input gain settings
  • Input gain level control
  • Bass and treble boost and cut controls
    • (Bass +12dB, to −10dB @ 100Hz.)
    • (Treble +16dB, to −18dB @ 10,000Hz.)
  • Switchable mid range boost control
    • (Middle +0dB to +10dB @ 600Hz.)
  • Accutronics long-delay spring line reverb. *
  • Reverb. level control *
  • Two selectable output power settings
  • Master volume control
  • High gain volume preset control
  • Series Fx loop
  • Fx return level control
  • GigProof® shock and vibration isolation system
  • Dedicated ground terminal for electrical safety testing

* Available only on MP21R Model

Power Amplifier

  • Power supply selectable 115v / 230v 50/60Hz.
  • Dual soft-start system for power-on and play surge limitation
  • Works with a variety of output beam tetrodes or pentodes
  • External bias test points
  • Easily accessible bias adjust controls
  • Output power up to 55W mean (High output mode) 20W (Low output mode)
  • GigProof® Shock and Vibration Isolation system
  • Dedicated ground terminal for electrical safety testing