MP21 & MP21R Combo Guitar Amps

"An inspired mix of classic know-how and cutting edge design"

  • A hand built all valve guitar amp that's impressively different
  • Seriously strong Gig-Proof® build
  • Superb sound quality, with a sophisticated range of tone yet simple to use
  • Eco-designed for sustainability and minimum environmental impact: built to last for decades
  • Not just a wow on tour but also beautiful in the home
  • Play it and love it !!

Designed and developed by valve amp specialist, Bernard Maughan, these amps will satisfy the needs of all serious musicians, professional, semi-pro and amateur alike.

The Maughan's superb sound reproduction is second to none and together with its handsome styling demonstrates British craftsmanship at its best.

Internally, the Maughan comes up trumps too with its all hand-wired build quality and Gig-Proof® design features ensuring a long and trouble-free life.

The hand-crafted cabinet is offered in a choice of solid hard woods, with a tough fine polished lacquer finish or as a high quality vinyl covered plywood construction.

Cabinets are fitted with the Maughan DiffusionGrille® speaker covering which ensures wide sound distribution even in the most crowded venue.

As a studio amp, the Maughan performs impressively: it is easy to mic up and the low background noise makes it the studio engineer and record producer's dream.

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