Specification - Maya Classic Integrated Hi-Fi Amp

Typical Performance

Power Output (continuous sine wave, 1kHz both channels driven, 8 ohms load, before clipping)
Triode mode10 watts per channel
Ultra-linear mode17 watts per channel

Higher power will be delivered into lower load impedances, but with slight increase in THD and reduction of bandwidth.

Corrective Feedback (CFB) is user-controllable. The typical performance figures below are given both for Zero CFB and Maximum CFB.

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) (at rated output)

Approx. 1% (Zero CFB)

Approx. 0.1% (Max. CFB)

(Harmonic distortion is primarily 2nd Harmonic)

Power Bandwidth

20Hz to 18kHz ± 3dB (Zero CFB)

15 Hz to 30 kHz ± 1dB (Max. CFB)

Input Sensitivity

42mV rms for full output (Zero CFB)

420 mV rms for full output (Max. CFB)

Hum and Noise

−75dB (Zero CFB)

−95dB (Max. CFB)

Output Impedance

Approx. 1 ohm (Zero CFB)

Approx. 0.1 ohm (Max. CFB)

Overall Dimensions

505 (w) x 335 (d) x 185 (h)


Approx. 30kg

Standard Facilities

  • 4 Line level signal inputs, plus tape monitor input
  • Tape Output
  • Dual Paralleled Output Terminals to permit bi-wiring
  • Remote Corrective Feedback inputs for feedback direct from speakers
  • IEC Mains Inlet
  • Internal Voltage Selection to suit International Mains Supplies

User Controls

  • Rocker Switches (Colour Coded):
    • Power On/Off
    • Feedback On/Off
    • Tape Monitor/source
    • Stereo/mono
    • Triode/Ultra-Linear mode
  • Rotary Controls:
    • Feedback Proportion
    • Volume
    • Input selection
  • Toggle Switches (Rear Panel Mounted):
    • Corrective Feedback Source Local/Remote