Service Department: Amplifier Service & Repairs

Maughan Amplifier Company offers a comprehensive repair and restoration service for classic and modern amplifiers, studio, hi-fi and audio equipment.

We specialise in analogue equipment, and we do not generally work on digital items.

We have a basic bench charge of £65 per item which covers a full inspection and diagnosis of your equipment, and also includes any simple adjustments which might be required. A PAT (Portable Appliance Test) is performed if appropriate, results recorded, and the equipment is suitably labelled.

If this solves the problem, or identifies a minor problem which we can immediately fix at the same time, then that’s it.

Job done!

If there is a fault which requires more significant work to repair, we would normally go up to a spend of about £125 plus minor parts without further reference to you.

If it looks like being substantially more than that, or if expensive parts are needed we would report back to you before carrying out any work.

If you want to bring your equipment in, then give us a call on 07814 257378 on a weekday, (we try to avoid working weekends), to arrange a suitable time.